Edison Arts Society » 2017 » January

Anjana Jose

Our next EAS Gallery (Edison Municipal Building) solo artist will be ANJANA JOSE!

Grand opening is Wednesday January 18, 2017 at 6:30pm.

The opening and her work will be located in the 3rd floor of the Edison Municipal Building in Edison.



“Anjana Jose hails from Cochin – ‘The Queen of Arabian Sea’, a beautiful paradise in India and inherits the artistic heritage from her family. As a child she was formally trained in pencil sketching and water coloring at Cochin, India. She has grown her favorite hobby of painting to a much higher level of Professional Art over a period of time. It is now a very passionate and professional part of her life. She has gained strong experience after being trained in advanced watercolor techniques at Ridgewood Art Institute, New Jersey. Moving on, ‘Technical Drawing’ which undoubtedly was her favorite subject while pursuing Engineering, helped her enhance the technical aspects of the artistic skills tremendously.

She has a very specific style demonstrated in her paintings, with lot of details and colors. One can clearly identify an emotion in her strokes. People and nature are her favorite subjects. She tries to bring in all the characteristics of real life into the canvas. She captures moments that catch her eye be it rain or snow, or animal or man, anything that can say a story, and conveys it to the viewer through water and pigments. Still life objects also create lot of scope for her paintings.

She hopes to use her God given talent to do many more beautiful art works which can create a lasting impact on people; watercolor medium helps her connect with the world!”