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Why belong to the Edison Arts Society? Because art may be for your lifetime and beyond. It may be part of the legacy you leave for your children and theirs. So have faith; strive to buy the best and remember long after famines and plagues, crusades and revolutions, depressions and world wars; art survives — always has; always will. EAS art includes – music, literature, dance, visual arts and theater.

Please renew your membership to EAS. Membership this year is $30 and should you attend an event, there will be a one-time discount of $5 on your ticket. i.e. if the cost of the event is $20, you will be charged $15 – one time only.

Checks should be made to: Edison Arts Society, 15 Midland Road, Edison 08820. EAS is a 501c3 organization and there is no paid staff. We thank you for your time and your consideration. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Gloria Dittman at 732.548.9134.

2014-2015 Membership Brochure

2014-2015 Membership Application

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